Thursday, February 6, 2014

What to Expect

When did this country, a country whose founding fathers believed in science, learning, education, and information begin to legislate and govern on feelings more than facts? Morality shouldn't be governed. The inherit rights of everyone in this country are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and all laws should reflect those 3 basic principles. That means not legislating peoples actions or words unless they directly affect other people: we have freedom of speech, for example, but can be sued for slander or go to jail for yelling 'fire' in a crowded movie theater. When politicians begin legislating morality you change from a democracy to a theocracy. "The bible says" is a way of leading ones own life, not a country. Examples of this are found in many places in American law: drug laws, gun laws, abortion laws, laws against suicide or euthanasia, marriage laws, etc.

Discussions on the aforementioned topics usually occur in heated debates where both parties are unwilling to concede their point for fear of looking weak. Politicians refuse to change their stance on these subjects for fear of losing voters regardless of personal opinion. If we can't have a constructive conversation on these subjects we will never improve as a nation. I understand that you may be morally against some of these changes but lets discuss facts and not the opinions associated with morality.

In future posts you will read about my take on several subjects ranging from income inequality to abortion, the war on poverty to the war on drugs, education to suicide. No subject is off the table and no subject is too controversial. My opinions will be scattered throughout my blog posts but I am not unwavering in my opinions. I am open to constructive debate and welcome intelligent conversation. Comment on the topics that you are most interested in and involve yourself in bridging gaps in opinion as a community in an effort to build a more perfect union.

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